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Trust On Our Lowboy Trucking Services

KM Freight Solutions LLC helps businesses move their heavy freight easily with the help of Lowboy Trucking. From large pieces of freight to machinery loads that can’t be broken down into smaller parts, our Lowboy Trucking services are capable of fulfilling your transportation needs and demands.

We are glad to provide the ultimate solution for moving all your heavy, tall and large bundles of freight. Ideal for transporting any construction equipment completely safer than other transportation. KM Freight Solutions LLC’ loading and unloading process are very safe, quick, and dependable. Once you book your heavy equipment shipping services with us, you no longer take tension for your freight as our aim is to get your consignment safe and secure.


Take a look how KM Freight Solutions LLC’ services stands out from the competition in the supply chain industry.

Unique Solutions

Lowboy flatbed trailer transportation allows tall items to be stacked. Lowboy trailers handle big equipment for the shipping sector.

Wider Applications

Our vehicles move equipment, machinery, and goods for many industries. Flatbeds make moving large equipment easier and less risky.

Omnipresent Trailers

These lowboy trailers are used in construction, farming, freight transport globally. They are sometimes called double drop, low loader, low-bed, or float. All semi-trailers are equipped with drop decks.

Safe & Secure Hauling Shipment Services

At KM Freight Solutions LLC, we also offer shipping services that use lowboy trailers for various projects. So, if your project needs loading and unloading assistance, we provide cranes and forklifts. Considered one of the best lowboy trucking companies in the US, KM Freight Solutions LLC is able to handle a wide variety of lowboy freight, including excavators, dozers, loaders, skid steers, compactors, loader backhoes, parts, and inoperable machinery. If you need power-only shipping for your lowboy trailer or need to haul it on a separate trailer, we’ll get it done. We are dedicated to your haul services and are ready to deliver the finest services that you need for your business.

Benefits of Heavy Equipment Shipping

When it comes to heavy equipment shipping you have zero restrictions against freight loading. There are no physical barriers that will prevent you from transporting enormous amounts of material. Lowboy trucking provides greater dimensional flexibility, making them the safest and best solution for heavy or huge loads. Consider the comfort and convenience of lowboy transportation services for your next project. We offer a variety of trucking solutions and heavy equipment transport, if you are interested, feel free to contact us.

The Planning & Implementation Process Of Our Lowboy Trucking Service

When you first get in touch with us, you’ll need to give us the following details so that we can begin working with you.

Our load experts will use this data to begin organizing the Lowboy trucking service, which will involve the following steps:

KM Freight Solutions LLC Offers The Most Economical Rates On Lowboy Trucking.

For all of your lowboy flatbed transportation needs, KM Freight Solutions LLC says they have a highly competitive system in place. Fill out the form below, and a helpful staff member will get back to you as soon as possible with a price quote.


Based on your specific requirements, our agent will assist you in selecting the optimal option. Careful consideration of your requirements allows us to provide you with an accurate quote. We’ll also help you determine if any state permits are required for your shipment. When it comes to transporting bulky things, our staff is ready to take the helm.

KM Freight Solutions LLC offers nationwide Lowboy flatbed trucking services at economical rates to satisfy your transportation demands.

After you complete this form to get a freight quote, our representative will call you within 5 minutes to gather any missing information and offer the quote.
After calling, you’ll be allocated a shipping representative. This will be your Logistics point of contact. You can ask the same person anything.