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Refined Full Truckload Services

KM Freight Solutions LLC is one of the companies providing finest service of FTL including innovative technology and driver development. Our goal is to give the most valuable supply chain of FTL efficiencies our customers have ever seen.

For years, we have been serving FTL Best-in-class land freight services all in one place . We have a strong relationship with our carriers and are able to get our customers the best specialized services catered to their needs. Our strong network of carriers is all equipped with track and trace systems making it easy for quick and accurate updates on all shipments. No matter the destination our team of experts will have your shipments delivered in the most timely and affordable way possible, completely stress-free, that is our promise to you.


Take a look how KM Freight Solutions LLC’ services stands out from the competition in the supply chain industry.

Purpose-Based Equipments

When transporting heavy loads, KM Freight Solutions LLC employs machinery designed specifically for the task. Even though there are numerous advantages to traveling at FTL speeds, the fact that you get to do it in an exclusive location is one of the best.

Strict Deadlines

As opposed to LTL services, FTL has far more stringent deadlines. This is because the execution process itself has very few interruptions. The shipment leaves the pickup location and arrives at the destination without stopping for anything along the way. There is no need to reposition the load in any way.

Highly Maintained Vehicles

KM Freight Solutions LLC invests in vehicle maintenance and purchases. Your safety and time are important. Custom scheduling saves time. EDI-integrated system updates clients on shipping status.

Effective and Pocket-friendly FTL Services

With KM Freight Solutions LLC FTL trucking services, you can ship your goods to a specific location without sharing the trailer with any other customers. Our company benefits customers from FTL freight since it allows them to transport their goods and cargo using the entire space available on a truck. If your business needs a reliable FTL or LTL trucking service to transport cargo over a great distance, look no further than KM Freight Solutions LLC. When it comes to delivery times, we provide a variety of convenient options.

Benefits of Our Full Truckload

Protect your valuable freight with our FTL supply chain service. Gain peace of mind knowing your freight ships 99.9% damage-free with our full truckload service. Our supply chain experts ensure that your freight is in safe hands and provides the fastest full freight. Since more drivers are headed to high-volume destinations, they are encouraged to offer better rates to shippers with freight. Our Full Truckload shipping is also faster than other types of freight shipping. Since full truckload shipments are only traveling to one destination, fewer stops translate into a faster delivery time.

The Planning & Implementation Process Of Our FTL Trucking Service

When you first get in touch with us, you’ll need to give us the following details so that we can begin working with you.

Our load experts will use this data to begin organizing the FTL trucking service, which will involve the following steps:

KM Freight Solutions LLC Offers The Most Economical Rates On FTL Trucking.

For all of your dry van transportation needs, KM Freight Solutions LLC says they have a highly competitive system in place. Fill out the form below, and a helpful staff member will get back to you as soon as possible with a price quote.


Based on your specific requirements, our agent will assist you in selecting the optimal option. Careful consideration of your requirements allows us to provide you with an accurate quote. We’ll also help you determine if any state permits are required for your shipment. When it comes to transporting bulky things, our staff is ready to take the helm.

KM Freight Solutions LLC offers nationwide FTL trucking services at economical rates to satisfy your transportation demands.

LTL shipping uses less of a truck’s space than full truckload freight.
Full truckload shipping costs depend on journey time and destination. Shipping type and size are also factors. Weather and great demand raise summer shipping charges. Get a quote by clicking below.
After you complete this form to get a freight quote, our representative will call you within 5 minutes to gather any missing information and offer the quote.
After calling, you’ll be allocated a shipping representative. This will be your Logistics point of contact. You can ask the same person anything.