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Dedicated Drayage Transportation Services

Drayage is one of the forms of shipping used in logistics services, and a part of the cold chain. The process of drayage transportation is to overcome the distance in a short space of time and place the goods in a safer way, or it can be finished in a one route of shipment. In short, the drayage services help get the freight from one mode of transport to another by road, and its role is to ensure the safe delivery in the intermodal transport. Check out what we at KM Freight Solutions LLC can do for you!


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Loading & Unloading Assistance

Freight drayage is typically part of a larger logistics process. The procedure may include, for instance, moving containers into and out of storage facilities, terminals, and trains..

Heavy Duty Process

Steel containers may also need to be unloaded from rail cars and ship decks before they can be loaded onto trailers. After that, they are transferred to the warehouse until the next scheduled intermodal shipping.

One-stop Application Procedure

This procedure is applicable both locally and globally if it is being carried out locally . KM Freight Solutions LLC is familiar with the procedure and may offer advice for improving its efficiency and safety.

Reimagine Your Drayage Trucking Service

KM Freight Solutions LLC provides quick drayage services to let your company continue running without a hitch. Drayage service is commonly utilized for deliveries inside a city or metropolitan area. Long-distance drayage is another service that KM Freight Solutions LLC can offer. Drayage service is useful in a wide variety of situations. As it helps play a key role in the smooth functioning of the intermodal transport system. KM Freight Solutions LLC now offers drayage services all around the country.

Benefits of Drayage Transportation Services

Dedicated logistics providers for drayage have extensive experience. Transporting goods over short distances is a skill that we possess. As modern, digitized KM Freight Solutions LLC service providers employ many technologies for shippers to make drayage more trackable. This classification includes goods moved directly from a storage facility to the end customer’s residence. To get this service for your business contact us today!

The Planning & Implementation Process Of Our Drayage Service

When you first get in touch with us, you’ll need to give us the following details so that we can begin working with you: As soon as our load specialist has this data, they can begin organizing the Our Drayage, which includes:

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